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I Luv Live 8th Birthday 21.06.12

This week a very special event took place, it was the 8th Birthday of the urban live music event that is  -  I Luv Live.  I arrived early at around 8.30 in order to view the exhibition that featured photos of past I Luv Live performers from the last 8 years that were displayed to mark the occasion.  I entered a buzzing room filled with the likes of Cleo Sol and Kele Le Roc to be surrounded by images of artists such as Ed Sheeran, Tinie Tempah, Jessie J and Roll Deep.  The exhibition is testiment to the fact that some of the great British artists of the moment have all at least once played at I Luv Live. Highlighting the events unique and crucial stance in giving British artists a platform to be heard.

The show kicked of at about 9pm with hosts Ras Kwame and Twin B paying homage to the event as the 'home of urban music'.  The hosts took a moment to list the I luv live team who have contributed over the last 8 years.  I would also like to give props to organiser's Rachael and Jay for keeping the night alive over the years despite dificulties. I'm sure it hasn't been easy. 

Moving on, the first act Mahalia swiftly appeared onto stage.
All humble as she approached the mic, Mahalia in turn graced the stage sucking the audience in, singing 'Let The World See The Light' with nothing but her voice and guitar.  Her soft acoustic performance showcased her angelic voice and boy what a voice, a gorgeous voice this girl has.  Despite her innocent persona her performance came across totally  confident and in control. I urge you to check her out.
Mahalia was followed by the second act, Josh Kumra.  You may know Josh Kumra from the haunting vocals on Wretch 32's 'Don't Go', which reached number 1 in the UK chart.  Mr Kumra played his debut single 'Helicopters and Planes' acoustic style.

One of my favourite acts who has had a very good  2012 so far was third on stage. Cleo Sol, recently signed to Island records, who is even more gorgeous in real life, performed 3 songs including one of my favourite's 'High!'. During which she brought energy to the stage breaking it down with her band, which I always love.  Cleo Sol also performed her upcoming single due out on 23rd July, 'Never The Right Time (Who Do You Love)'.  This lady's performance did not dissapoint. You can follow Cleo Sol on twitter:


Turning up the tempo, next up was one of my favourite MC's from the scene, Ghetts. As per usual Ghetts came on stage going in strong with 'Artillery' (with his shades on, as you do), followed by 'Don't Phone Me'. His shouty familiar voice confirms there is only one Ghetts in the game.  Ghetts also performed tracks 'Red Pill', (no mercston though :( ) and Rebel.  What I love about Ghetts is that no matter how many times I have seen him perform I never tire of his performances. He consistantly brings an energy that he is so notorious for,  making him one of the best Grime artists in the game.

Big Kids
Changing the tone completly the 5th act to perform was Big Kids, a duo which features Mr Hudson. I had not heard of this duo before and despite their alternative Camden style music they managed to fit right in with the previous acts. Demonstrating once again that I Luv Live is definitely a hub for all kinds of British urban acts. A trait that makes I Luv Live a truly unique night and worth your time. This was also reflected in the positive things that artists like Tinie Tempah, Jessie J and Tinchy Stryder had to say about the night, which was showcased in the exhibition. Big Kids had a great energy on stage and the female singer would not  stop jumping round the stage which only made me admire her!!/BIGkidsmusic

To keep the energy going who better to follow than the next act, Scorcher, who has been gaining some serious ground this year.  Scorcher invited Ghetts back on stage to join him and the chemistry between these two set sparks flying. Scorcher then brought out Terminator aka T from Dark Side on to the stage who brought the lazy flow.  For his 3rd and final  track Scorcher performed his latest single 'It's All Love' due to be out soon. I definitley have a new found love for Scorcher now.

Soon after was the one of the most sucessful UK urban artists  of today, Sway aka Decipher opened his set with 'Still Speeding' , which got the crowd vibing.  I'm actually embarrassed to say thats it's my first time seeing Sway live especially as I've been a fan of his for year's. Sway actually smacked it with an acapella spit that really engaged me to his performance.  Sway then went on to play 'Level Up', my favourite track of his since his debut ablum.
As my first time seeing Sway he didn't dissappoint,  the delivery was good and you could definitely tell the hip hop influence in Sways style when he performed his song with mish mash of famous hip hop lyrics
Download Sway's mixtape The Deliverence 2 here:
Kal Lavelle

After party
So what was the after party saying?  Well, the organiser's kept the pace moving reeling off artist after artist. Kicking off the after party Kal Lavelle  featuring Mic Righteous beautifully performed her track 'Fell in love with My friend' which she explained to be a song where the words come from a place close to the heart and you could feel the emotion in her performance.  You can follow Kal Lavelle on Twitter:
There after, the after party really picked up speed showcasing performances from Lioness, and Stylo G. Fem Fel performed his new track featuring Shola Ama, whilst Shystie brought the funky flavour dropping 'Pull It'.

Followed by fellow female MC who performed 'Semantics' and got the crowd moving.  Shortly after No Lay  performed 'Drugs'. and I have to say the females were definitely representing and brought a lot of energy to the stage.  I was intrugued to see west London's finest Ratlin who came on with 2 tracks including his latest single called 'On My Lonely'. Keeping it moving, GFresh pleased the crowd as he spat some heavy bars acapella, which I definitely approved off.
Overall, it was a very good night with many varied and entertaining performances.  Happy Birthday I Luv Live - I can't wait for the next I Luv Live line up.

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