Thursday, 17 May 2012

NEW VIDEO: Lisa Maffia ft Tyler Daley and Romeo - Don't Stop The Music

As soon as I heard this track I knew I had to put it up on my blog. It was the opening line from Lisa Maffia 'please don't stop the muuusssiiccc' over the distorted melody that caught my attention and from there I was hooked.  'Dont Stop the Music' is a blend of old school garage and modern day urban party vibes.  This is easily a track that I can see being played in clubs thanks to the recognisable voices of Romeo and Tyler Daley who feature on the track.  This track makes me fall for Tyler Daley's talent that little bit more and who can compete with Romeo's instantly recognisable smooth tone, like butter wouldn't melt, it's so cool. The video's not bad either and complement's the track rather nicely with what looks like some real effort has been put in.  We even see a sneaky appearance from Ashley Walter's (Asher D).

UrbanVoice UK Opinion:  Yeah, this is not a bad comeback effort from both Romeo and Lisa Maffia. The track is not too serious and to put it simply, it's just a feel good tune, really.  Something that I would dance to in the clubs and would most likely get others up off the wall too.  I will definitely play this out loud while I am getting really to go out this weekend.

UrbanVoice UK Score:  3.75/5

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  1. omg they have just been to my colij and preformed woop woop m buzzin love the tune thy were all so freindly, and dammm there vioces murderd the tune:) adore all three of dem all true insparations and true artists lovin it cant wait till june the 17th to but it :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx