Saturday, 14 April 2012

NEW VIDEO: Sway - Level Up

Sway, the UK rapper from Harringey in North London has returned with a new banger 'Level Up' featuring Kelsey and JME.  I have been a fan of Sway ever since his debut album 'This is my Demo' released in February 2006. To this day, I absolutely love that album and used to have it on constant rewind in my car. With Sway's witty lyrics and fresh approach to UK rap I predicted big things for Sway. I wasn't wrong as he was snapped up by Konvict Music, Akons' record label in the US and for me, here is where it went down hill.  I feel sorry to say this but I was disappointed with the follow up releases, for me Sway's songs and albums were a shadow of his former self apart from "F UR X" which featured female MC $tush. Finally 5 years later there is a song from Sway that I like.

Sway is a fantastic UK artist it's just a shame that he has not been able to capture my attention to the same level as his debut album. Great to have Sway back collaborating with established UK artists such as Flux Pavilion and JME. I want to hear more tracks like 'Level Up' from Sway.

UrbanVoice UK Score: 3.75/5  

You can buy 'Level Up' from iTunes:
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  1. I think this track is big! but the video spoils it for me.