Saturday, 7 April 2012

NEW VIDEO: Nyja n Tzer - Wen I'm Inside

This video right here shows that hard work definitely pays off.  I last reviewed Nyja n Tzer, the male and female duo, in July 2007 and since they have clearly been back in the studio to work on their latest track and even hooked up with video director Elmino da great who has worked with the likes of Ms Dynamite, Tim Westwood, Bashy and Sway.  These two have definitely improved their flow and lyrical content.  This time Nyja n Tzer are back with their track entitled 'Wen I'm Inside''. If these artists continue to work hard and grow then the only way is up, really.

Check out the video for 'Wen I'm Inside'.  Hit that 'like' button below if you're feeling it!

You can follow Nyja n Tzer on Twitter: @Nyja_Tzer
You can follow Elmino Da Great on Twitter @elminodagreat

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