Saturday, 13 August 2011

NEW VIDEO: Roll Deep - Swagger

UrbanVoice UK has always been a fan of Roll Deep supporting them from back in the day to their now mainstream success.  'Roll Deep are here' with a new video and tune entitled Swagger.  With a bouncy drum beat and flows from Roll Deep members Brazen, Flo Dan, J2K and Manga, the first time I heard Swagger I was a bit disappointed as I thought Roll Deep would have come with something a bit grimier given their recent chart success.  However, after the first 10 plays I have now decided that this one will definitely be going on my UVUK Playlist.  All of the Roll Deep members appear in the video and I actually like this video, even if it does contain the standard formula of women and cars.

Check out the new video from Roll Deep with Swagger!

Follow Roll Deep on Twitter:  @rolldeepuk

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