Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Artist Profile: TYLER DALEY

UrbanVoice UK is proud to present to you TYLER DALEY, a greatly talented artist whom Lisa Maffia (Vocalist from So Solid Crew) recently signed to her record label Maffia Recordz.  Here is a little bit about Tyler Daley so that YOU can get yo know him - Enjoy!

Tyler Daley formerly known as HoodMan a 27 years old focused, driven, rapper/singer/producer from Manchester, England, with a very unique soulful style mixed with a reggae touch, he is in a league of his own. His meaningful lyrics outline social issues, love stories and everyday life. You may recognise Tyler Daley from The 'UK-Team' with tracks entitled "Ringer Roses" or possibly the feature on a popular TV series called "Dubplate Drama" featuring some of the UK's well known urban acts such as NDubz, Roll Deep, Ghetts, Skepta and many more. 

Tyler Daley's talent shines best through his solo material with songs like "Jermaine" that's absolutely magic. After a short spell out of the lime light Tyler is back currently recording with many established artists and legendary acts such as Soul2Soul. Together they have recorded his Hot new single "U Alone"and the Remix with legendary Soul2Soul lead singer Caron Wheeler. Tyler and his team have been on promotional tour for the last 4weeks and already people are talking about the smash hit 'Baby You Alone' - DJ Sarah Jane Crawford BBC1xtra has had it her anthem of the week for two weeks running. In addition he has had features with SBTV and Jo Whiley 'the arts show'. A listed on UNIT FM and with lots of promo lined up including a university tour, Tyler has also played Live at the BBC1xtra Manchester Apollo Live show.... He is ready!! Are you?!!

Please contact Lisa Maffia's Team for more info.

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UrbanVoice UK Review 
Here is the HOT, HOT, HOT 'You Alone'.  I am very excited for Tyler Daley's future - if you don't know get to know and spread the word to your friends, family, mum, dad, uncle, grandma, your cousin's aunty's boyfriend's dog...
Sounding fresh on the UK urban music scene,Tyler Daley's open and vunerable love lyrics cut right through me. along with his soulful tone.  The chilled out reggae style with rippling melody creates an effortless, laid back and timeless finish to the song that resonates through my speakers.  UrbanVoice UK gives 'You Alone' an impressive and difficult to get TOP MARKS.
UrbanVoice Score:  5/5


  1. love the song Baby You alone..he has such a lovely voice..keep it up!!

  2. Please where do I buy this album. I got to have it. Tyler Daley is going to be the next big thing and will go far in his career as a artist. His diverse style will blow up the charts in America and take the lead of all the hip hop rap pop and rnb artists here. Now saying that you need to hurry and release your alums here in America.

  3. Love my Tyler! Great friend, singer, rapper, producer! All round legend! Keep it up bro, representing!