Thursday, 16 June 2011

Would You Play This At Your Wedding?

I've been invited to a wedding this weekend somewhere out in the sticks outside of London (god help me, I'm leaving my home town!).  I can just imagine it, quiet country roads, little country pubs that close at 11pm, nothing open on a Sunday, birds tweeting away (not the electronic social media type but the real ones).  Then after the Bride and Groom say their vows and promise to take each other for the rest of their lives, Dash Down blairs out through the PA system.  I'm not joking, the Bride, yes, the Bride actually wants this song played at her wedding along with a Grime set.  Personally, I'm up for that, I can get my Grime skank on and I have no problem getting low to Dash Down in my wedding attire but what will the older generation think?  I can't really imaginge Grandma getting up to join me on the dance floor.  Respect to the Bride though, it's her wedding and she can play whatever music she wants.  Would you play this song, Dash Down, at your wedding? 

Mr M - Dash Down


  1. I cracking up at the thought!

    the UK videos are gettng a bit samey though would like to see something a bit more original from the guys other than black back ground, girls getting low and mans chatting on their phones.

    SURELY there are some creative minds out there for the boys!!!

  2. LOL so true! Calling all creative video directors this is your chance! LOL!