Sunday, 5 February 2012

Single Sales Up, Album Sales Down

Album sales were down last year the worst in a seven year slump. On the contrary digital single sales were at an all time high. So what does this mean for music when looking at both the artist and the consumer? Here's a short opinion of mine.

Firstly, I think it's up to the artist and how they react to this change. We may see a rise in artists who want to focus on making that one big tune and not put so much effort into producing a complete album or maybe focus more on producing a decent mixtape instead. One thing that will not change is that artists will need to work hard no matter the weather and this of course is up to the individual artist. 

For the consumer, access to music via iTunes and YouTube means that we can enjoy music faster, easier and with better value for money. The consumer no longer has to spend money on a mediocre album when all they want is one or two big songs off the album. Does this mean that it's bad for the artist good for the consumer? Not necessarily, it's up to the artist to become more creative and adapt as the market changes. With the internet, music can be easily uploaded and artists have the world at their finger tips making it easier to gain fans and attention that they may not have otherwise received.  I guess access to music in the 21st century is similar to the 'video killed the radio star' era back in the 70s and 80s. If I look at myself today, I do not buy as many albums as I used to  and do  buy more singles. All I know is that if the album's good I will buy it either way.

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